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What is my Size?


Still undecided about which size? Please contact our sizing specialist who will assist you further.

International Shipping - Do you ship to my Country?

Yes! We do free-shipping world-wide.

What are the shipping costs?

It's absolutely FREE! So you can shop till you drop and save on shipping!


What are the Methods of Payment?

Currently, we accept Paypal and all major credit cards through Paypal. 

When will my credit card be charged?

Your credit card will be charged automatically and instantaneously once you complete the payment process.


When will the credit card charges appear on my statement / account?

Depending on your credit card merchant, it usually takes between 7 - 10 Business Days.


Query about the charges on my credit card?

If there is a difference between the charges on your order form as shown on our wesbite and the actual charges on your credit card, please contact our customer service for further assistance.

What is the Currency of the Products?

All our products are are qupted in US Dollars or 'USD'.


How can I can a receipt / invoice?

A receipt will be generated automatically upon payment. Please contact us if you have any troubles getting a copy of your invoice / receipt.


How can I use my coupon?

After adding all your items to the shopping cart, proceed to checkout and when you get to "Step 5 - Order Confirmation", there will prompt which features a coupon box where you can enter your coupon code before you proceed to payment. 



Can I cancel my order?

We will gladly cancel your order and give you a refund if the product has not yet been processed to be shipped to you. If the order has been processed to be shipped to you, please follow the instructions under our "Refund Policy" to apply for a refund.





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