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About Us




What started as a mini side project between two best friends who share a love of fashion and all things pretty has organically evolved as an online fashion boutique that now services customers from around the world. We are blessed to have a tribal following of confident and glamorous girls who share the same passion as us, allowing us to bring this online boutique all the way from Sydney, Hong Kong, London & New York to you!


At Holly O Boutique, our dream is a simple one. We believe in bringing you the latest trends and signature fashion pieces that have graced the bodies of Hollywood’s finest, spotted at red carpet events and featured in the latest glossy fashion magazines, without the inflated price tag.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the current business model in fashion, so we’re here to disrupt that.

You deserve better than that.

We believe curated designs and quality fabrics are the heart of any garment, this is why our garments are sourced from around the world and we will not stop until we find the best. Finally, we eliminate the burdensome cost of physical stores, gimmicky advertising and glossy packaging by shipping our garments direct from our fabric mills to you doorstep. Lastly, your goodies will be delivered to you in the simplest and most cost-effective packaging, so you don’t pay for unnecessary costs.

At Holly O Boutique, we aim to change the world by empowering one woman at a time by adorning her with our iconic yet timeless wardrobe essentials.

Join us on our fashion revolution!


- Holly


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